Nero’s Opal collection: turning your bathroom into art

The choices you make when designing your home reflect your personality and sense of style, which is unique to you. However, finding products that match what you envision can be challenging, as there are so many options to consider.

The designers at Nero understand this struggle and are passionate about offering bathroom tapware and accessories to those looking for both luxury and practicality. Their new Opal range is a perfect example of this.

The Opal collection was inspired by the complex textures and colours of opals and how they interact with light. It has been crafted with specialised cutting technology to create artistic diamond-shaped grooves in the brass. This produces a multi-faceted, angular texture that reacts with the light and shadow in your bathroom, creating unique light experiences every time you enter the space.

The Australian-designed and crafted range includes numerous mixers, shower systems, basins and accessories, with up to four different colour tones to choose from. Their attractive lines are sleek and modern but never fail to keep functionality as a top priority.

An Australian brand with one priority in mind: you

Nero is a firm believer in the individuality of the design process, especially when it comes to making your home unique to you. That’s why they’re always striving to develop products that you can use to add a personal touch to your space. They want to help you to turn your bathroom into a work of art, which is why their products employ a minimalistic style that is beautiful, on-trend, and easy to use.

As an Australian brand, Nero prides themselves on creating designs that appeal to their local customers. They are loyal to the Australian community and aim to maintain trust by crafting their products with the highest-quality materials and equipment. They are constantly innovating and using the latest technology to produce consistent, long-lasting results.

Nero values Australia’s environment and is working tirelessly to develop more sustainable solutions. Their products have high water efficiency ratings, which also benefits your wallet and not just the planet. The packaging they use is also designed for minimal waste. They also always aim to use recyclable materials wherever they can.

Most importantly, your happiness is Nero’s key to success and is why customer satisfaction is an essential part of every business interaction.

Reliable, Functional and Beautiful

With the Nero Opal range, multiple mixers, basins, and showers are available, including wall basin and bath mixers, pull-out sink mixers, tall basin mixers, round, square and rectangular basins, and state-of-the-art air showers. Each product can come in four distinct colours: brushed gold, brushed bronze, brushed nickel, and graphite. They are made from dezincification-resistant brass and use PVD and anti-fingerprint technology to ensure that they always look brand new and are straightforward to clean.

Also, Nero is so confident in their tapware’s quality that all finishes are given up to 10 years replacement warranty.


The mixers in the Opal range have a simplistic, refined shape that helps to make the diamond section stand out. The revolutionary carving technology turns the metal into a sophisticated piece of art. It will always look slightly different each time you look at it, no matter which colour you choose. Opal mixers will help you create an elegant bathroom paradise that will brighten your experience.


The Opal range provides you with multiple mixer options from a variety of applications. Whether you are just trying to replace the wall mixer in your shower, all the tapware in your bathroom or looking to add a statement piece to your kitchen, the Opal range can offer you numerous solutions.

The Opal range provides you with multiple mixer options from a variety of applications. Whether you are just trying to replace the wall mixer in your shower, all the tapware in your bathroom or looking to add a statement piece to your kitchen, the Opal range can offer you numerous solutions.


The shower systems in the Opal collection include Nero’s unique air shower. These systems diffuse the water flow to make it feel like a soft rain is falling on your skin. They will turn your bathroom into an oasis that you’ll never want to leave.

The integrated faceplate ensures there are no gaps between the face and handpiece, meaning that you can enjoy your indulgent showering experience without worrying about dirt or bacteria getting inside the system.


There are three types of bathroom basins available in the Opal range, including the round, square, and rectangular basins. They are made from stainless steel and use rich metallic tones to bring an elegant, contemporary feel to your countertop. They can help you to establish a colour theme for your home. Also, they can be easily matched with the other tapware and accessories in the Opal collection.


The bathroom accessories on offer in the Opal collection help tie together the elements of your bathroom’s design. They still adopt the unique diamond texture and pair well with the other items in the range. You can choose between robe hooks, towel rings, toilet roll holders, soap dish holders, metal shelves, and single and double towel rails.

Picking the right tapware for your bathroom

When deciding which tapware designs are suitable for your bathroom, it’s important to research and find out which products best suit your needs. While Nero’s Opal collection is highly versatile, you should always consider what styles you like before making your final decision. You need to consider what’s already in your bathroom and what its layout is. For example, you might want a rectangular basin, but is your countertop big enough to handle one of that shape and size? Would a round basin make more sense? Also, think about the kind of taps you use throughout your home, as it might be better to keep the style consistent. Finally, take the time to analyse your budget and what you can afford. Ultimately, that will be the deciding factor.

Visit our showrooms to see some of these bathroom essentials in action. Seeing them in person might give you a better understanding of what would be best for your own home.

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