Freshen Up Your Bathroom With Raymor Homewares

Once upon a time, homewares were strictly reserved for use in living spaces. These days bathroom homewares are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to elevate your bathroom. Add them as extras to your bathroom reno for that all-important finishing touch. Or simply just add them to your established bathroom to bring a whole new level of style and function.

When we’re talking bathroom homewares, we’re talking soap dispensers, tumblers, trays, toilet brushes and toilet paper holders.

Raymor’s new homeware collections – the Ashgrove, Ascot, and Mosman – not only have your bathroom needs covered, they will bring the difference you seek with their luxe looks and visual appeal.

Bold and beautiful

Available in matt black and featuring a soap dispenser, tumbler, toilet brush and holder, and toilet paper holder, Raymor Ashgrove homewares will look bold and beautiful in your bathroom space. Plus, with a texture that’s smooth to touch, Ashgrove homewares are a real pleasure to hold and use.

Introduce Ashgrove homewares to a pastel or light-coloured setting for a particularly striking effect.

See Ashgrove’s beauty for yourself here.

Versatile and calming

The Raymor Ascot Resin homewares range, with its light grey and dark grey tones, is a neutral and classic choice. Not too bold, but definitely not boring, the Ascot is versatile and can be paired with a huge range of other colours, including black, white, dusty greens and pinks, and even other tones of grey.

Ascot is sold as separate items so you can mix and match or just pick what you need for your space. It includes a soap dispenser, tumbler, tray, toilet brush holder, and toilet paper holder.

Fall in love with the Ascot here.

Three-dimensional appeal

With its green, black, and white colour options, the Raymor Mossman homewares range will look good in any space. The ribbed texture of the range is very on trend and creates shades of light and darkness that add to the interest and attractiveness. Plus, the three-dimensional quality increases the tactility feeling of the surface, further adding to its appeal.

Mosman is sold as a set that caters to every need. It includes a soap dispenser, square tumbler, arch tumbler, and soap dish.

See the texture of the Mosman here.

Not quite sure what bathroom homewares you need? Most would agree, there are five top must-haves.

Top 5 must-have bathroom homewares

  1. Soap dispenser
    Replace your traditional bar of soap with a soap dispenser to keep your bathroom looking slick and smart. Soap dispensers make much less mess, and because they are refillable, they’re kinder to the planet. They also help to reduce the spread of germs that can occur when multiple people use the same bar of soap.

  2. Tumbler
    A tumbler is a must-have bathroom accessory with a dual functional purpose. It is often used for drinking water or rinsing after brushing teeth. It is also used for storing toothbrushes, cosmetic brushes, or other small items. A tumbler also looks good on any bathroom vanity.

  3. Tray
    A tray is the perfect base for styled arrangements. It instantly gives your styling elements a place to come together and the feeling they belong. Items you might like to add to your tray can be functional, such as a bristle brush and hand cream, or beautiful such as a plant or fresh flower arrangement.

  4. Toilet brush and holder
    While the toilet brush and holder have a very important function in a bathroom, they can also bring a sense of luxe to the space. When you choose yours from the Raymor homeware ranges, it will be one you never want to hide.

  5. Toilet paper holder
    While toilet paper is a bathroom staple you never want to run out of, it doesn’t mean you need to have your spare rolls taking up valuable space in your bathroom vanity. A toilet paper holder stands on the floor beside the toilet, keeping the spares within easy reach, and with that comes an elevated sense of style.

Still not sure what you need?

If you’re renovating, there’s no need to rush your decision. Choose your bathroom homewares last, that way you can make sure they complement your bathroom style and look.

If you want to step outside the norm but aren’t quite sure where to start, our showroom consultants can help you to keep consistent with your colours and shapes, but still dare to do things differently.

Do your research about quality. Not all bathroom homewares are equal. When you buy from the Raymor homeware ranges, you’re buying quality that will last from a brand with 75-year history in bathrooms.

The bathroom is the often-forgotten room in the home, but it’s often the most visited. It’s also usually where you start and end each day. A little bit of styling effort goes a long way to making it a beautiful space – and a space you deserve.

What’s next?

Raymor Ashgrove, Ascot, and Mosman homewares are on display in our showrooms. Visit to see them for yourself, and to feel their texture firsthand. Find a store here.

If you can’t get to a store, you can browse our Raymor homewares products and order online.

If you dare to dream, we’ll help you to bring that dream to reality.

We’re as excited about your new bathroom as you are, and we can’t wait to help you create the space of your dreams.