Loads Of Fun With Laundry Taps And Tubs

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Laundry has been part of history since humans started wearing clothes. And throughout history, our approach to doing laundry has come a long way. Thankfully, so have our laundry rooms.

The laundry room was once the often-ignored room in the house. We knew we needed one but didn’t care too much about style or function. Many of us used and abused it. It wasn’t just a place to wash the clothes and the pets. It was a dumping ground for all those things we didn’t quite know what to do with.

These days, a laundry can be a place you actually want to spend time in. And if you get your design and inclusions right, a laundry can add a whole lot of value to your home.

So, whether you’re designing a brand-new laundry or you’re floating the idea of a laundry reno, the Tradelink team is here to help. We’ll make sure you get the kind of result that washes well with all the family.

Tap into our ideas, and bring your laundry to life

Our team of laundry experts has loads of good advice to share with you when it comes to laundry taps and laundry tubs. But first, let’s look at the bigger picture.

1.Looking good is one thing. But functionality is important too. Know what you want your laundry to do for you.

When it comes to laundries, of course, looks count. But there’s no point having a great looking space if it doesn’t function well for your family. After all, the laundry is one of the hardest working rooms in the house. Know all the things you need it to do for you.

  • How will you use the space?
  • Is it mostly for washing and drying clothes? Or will you be washing pets too?
  • What about folding clothes – will you need space to stand in the laundry to do that?
  • How about space to do the ironing?
  • What kind of storage space will you need? Do you need to fit sporting equipment, camping gear or anything else in your laundry cupboards?

2.Plan your layout and your must-haves. Then measure. And remeasure. Then plan again.

Once you know how you want to use your laundry, you can start thinking about the layout of your room. If you’re renovating, this could include considering whether you need to (and can afford to) move existing plumbing. The same goes for doorways. Perhaps they are perfectly placed already.

  • Laundry appliances can go under the bench or be stacked.
  • Tall cabinets and wall cabinets can be used in combination.
  • Consider adding clothes hanging space too.Wall or cupboard-mounted ironing boards can be very convenient.
  • One laundry tub might be enough, but some laundries deserve two – especially if you often have clothes that need soaking.
  • A laundry chute could be just the thing you need to help get the dirty clothes where they need to be.

Once you have your layout, the window shopping can begin. Choose your laundry appliances and get their dimensions. If you’re planning to put your washing machine and dryer under the bench, make sure your benchtop is deep enough – this is usually a minimum of 650mm.

Maximise cabinetry, and don’t forget a place that’s tall enough for mops and brooms. Add shelves to hold laundry products and rails to hang clothes on. Leave room for a clothes basket to sit. And choose a cabinetry style that suits your home. Our team suggests taking cues from your bathroom or kitchen design, so you have a cohesive look.

With your shopping list now filled with all the items you’d love to have, double check they’ll fit your space, as well as your budget. If not, it’s back to the drawing board for some modifications, large or small.

3.Okay, now we can take a deep dive into laundry tubs and sinks.

Isn’t a laundry tub just a kitchen sink by another name? Kind of, but not really. A laundry tub or laundry sink is usually bigger and deeper than a kitchen sink. Laundry tubs also tend to be formed from thinner steel. And that’s okay because laundry tubs don’t have to withstand the same kind of daily bashing from pots, pans, and heavy cookware that their kitchen cousins receive.

When thinking about laundry tubs, there are three main types to choose from:

  • Undermount tub – as the name suggests this style of laundry tub is mounted under your bench; this can only be achieved with a stone bench. These tubs offer a very modern look and maximise bench space.
  • Topmount tub – this tub sits with its rim on the benchtop. It still offers a modern look but can be used with a range of benchtop materials.
  • Tub and cabinet – these all-in-one units are a tried-and-true way to bring functionality to your laundry space. They’re very cost effective and are particularly suited to small spaces.

A final word on tubs…

Size counts: the bigger the laundry tub the more litres of water it can hold and the more laundry you can do. But if you’re only washing a few pieces of clothing, a smaller tub could be all you need.

It’s a material world: laundry tubs are made from a variety of materials. Stainless steel, glass, wood, acrylic, porcelain, ceramic, cast iron and even stone. Aim for a balance between beauty and functionality.

Take a deep dive into our range of laundry sinks and tubs to see what we can offer.

4.Next, let’s get the low down on laundry taps.

Without question, durability and quality should be top of your list when it comes to choosing laundry taps. Replacing taps every few years gets very expensive, so you want something that will last. And that doesn’t mean your laundry taps will cost you the earth. We stock a great range of quality laundry tapware at very affordable prices.

Browse and you’ll find:

  • Sink mixers – these bring the joy of having your hot and cold water perfectly mixed to the right temperature. They also cut down on plumbing time compared to a three-piece tapware set.
  • Wall spouts – these are paired with taps of your choosing and the high curve and swivel arm on the spout provides great functionality. It means the spout can be easily pushed aside to give more clearance in the wash zone.
  • Washing machine stops – these are the taps you can’t possibly live without as they connect to your washing machine. Once upon a time they were only available in stainless steel, but they now come in a big range of on-trend colours and finishes, including brass and black.

Go with the flow…

Water pressure: different taps offer different flow rates, so ask a plumber to check your water pressure as this could help determine which tap is right for you.

Tap finishes: while there’s a beautiful array of colours available, by the very nature of the work you do in your laundry, your tap may be exposed to harsh detergents and chemicals that could damage the finish. Chrome and brushed nickel have proven they can stand the test of time.

Remember, when it comes to making laundry decisions, whether they’re big or small, there’s no need to feel like you’re adrift. Contact us to book a virtual consultation, or find a store and come in for a chat.

Our laundry tubs and taps buying guide makes great reading too.

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