Oliveri Basket Waste Offer

The details really do matter when it comes to updating or renovating your home. Its those little things that bring a space together and make it feel finished or complete.


Oliveri’s new coloured kitchen wastes pair perfectly with their Santorini sinks and coloured tapware. Colour is on trend now, and with the choice of gold, copper, gunmetal and black finishes you can really tailor the final selection to suit your personal style.


For the month of August, purchase an Oliveri Santorini sink and coloured Vilo or Essente tap in the same transaction to claim a FREE coloured basket waste of your choice. You’ll need to make a claim at www/ before 30 September 2022 to receive your Gift with Purchase. 

Oliveri’s Santorini sinks are true rock-solid performers. Constructed from 80% granite and quarts and 20% resin, they’re made in Italy to ensure premium quality and reliability.


Scratch resistant, heat resistant, easy to clean and featuring a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty – Santorini sinks are yours for life and make the perfect base to create a modern kitchen. 

The Vilo and Essente tapware range come in a variety of styles, finishes and colours to suit your sink and kitchen design.  Both tapware selections feature pull- out styles for added functionality, and are backed by a solid warranty for peace of mind.

To claim your free coloured basket waste, be sure to keep a copy of your ‘Proof of Payment’ and submit your claim at  before 30 September 2022.