Since 1984, ‘Exceeding Expectations’ has been the driving force of the combined worldwide network of designers and engineers who manufacture Kleenmaid appliances. The Kleenmaid technical team demand excellence in every product bearing the Kleenmaid name.

Kleenmaid appliances are manufactured to the highest international manufacturing standards using only the best materials, and have rightly earned the reputation in Australia as being "Appliances of World Distinction".

The Kleenmaid Appliance Range is founded on one premise - always create the world's finest appliances - because Kleenmaid customers have come to expect it, and this is why Kleenmaid appliances are the preferred choice of more than 530,000 Australian households. 

Kleenmaid not only compliments your kitchen with unique appliances, the design and quality of the kitchen appliances are built to suit whatever design you fancy. Whether you prefer a contemporary or an ultra modern kitchen design, Kleenmaid offers appliances to suit your personality and budget.