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Unplugged July 2018 Issue

Jun 29, 2018

Welcome to the July issue of the Tradelink Unplugged e-newsletter!

Don’t miss our feature story where we get the scoop on the latest updates to the Rinnai B-Series that will be sure to impress you and your customers. If you’re in the HVAC game, Tradelink’s first standalone specialty HVAC store has opened in Milton in Queensland. Find out what the new store will offer in our story below.

Managing your Tradelink trade account payments on TradeDoor – Tradelink’s online account management tool – just got easier with our new credit card payment function. Plus read our top tips for keeping fit and healthy as a tradie below!

We’re always keen to know what you think, so email us at with any feedback or ideas for stories you’d like to see in Unplugged.

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Rinnai B-Series – it’s everyone’s mate

Rinnai’s updated B-Series models are scoring two thumbs up from tradies and homeowners across Australia. They are the latest offering from Rinnai in gas continuous flow systems and follow in the technological footsteps of their bigger brother, the Rinnai Infinity.


The B-Series upgrades include the lowest operating flow rate on the market, perfect for WELS rated shower heads and tapware, and game changing warranty terms. Rinnai now offers a 15-year heat exchanger extended warranty option for all B-Series models, effective for eligible products installed from 1 April 2018.

Other important upgrades include reduced product weight, quicker commissioning/installation times and enhanced electronic controlled safety monitoring.

There is no change to inlet/outlet positions so retrofitting is a breeze. Add the superior product quality and long product life and it’s easy to see why the Rinnai B-Series models are the number one choice for project or trade-type applications where the cost of compliance is critical.


Tradelink opens first specialty HVAC store

Great news for Brisbane tradies! We’ve transformed our Milton branch in Brisbane’s inner suburbs into our first standalone store specialising in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). The branch upgrade is the next step in Tradelink’s bold network expansion strategy that has seen 20 branches open a year for the last two years along with a number of new branches specialising in civil.


The branch now offers an extensive range of HVAC pipe, valves and fittings from leading brands including MM Kembla, Oventrop, Viega, Hydroboss, CTS HVAC-R and Thermotec, along with a small selection of plumbing products.

The branch team – led by HVAC Manager David Maloney – has over 25 years’ combined experience in plumbing and HVAC, so the trade community can rest assured that they are in good hands at Tradelink HVAC Milton.

David said the decision to change the offering at Milton was all about offering the right product for customers at the right location.

“There was a growing demand for HVAC products from HVAC specialists in the Brisbane city area. We needed a standalone HVAC store offering a wider range of HVAC products to better service those customers,” said David.

With its convenient location in the Brisbane city area close to major construction projects as well as arterial motorways including Milton Road, Coronation Drive and the Inner City Bypass, the Milton branch makes it quick and easy for HVAC installers to get the products they need.

Along with Tradelink HVAC Milton, a number of other Tradelink branches across Australia also stock a strong selection of HVAC product alongside their core plumbing offering.

Tradelink HVAC Milton is located at 23 Mayneview Street, Milton – so if you’re nearby drop in and take a look at the new offering!


Managing your trade account payments just got easier!

Been itching to pay your trading account by credit card through TradeDoor – Tradelink’s online account management tool? Well good news, if you are a registered TradeDoor customer, you now can!

To use the new credit card payment process, login to your TradeDoor account and navigate to the Account Balance screen. On this screen you will be able to select the amount you wish to pay:

  • Custom Amount
  • Overdue
  • Total outstanding

These options are designed to give you total control over your payments.

Once you have selected your payment amount, you will be given the option to use a new card or a saved card. You will then be taken to a screen where you can add your details, select pay and then you’re done! Too easy!


Above image: Example payment window

Once complete you will be able to review all your credit card transaction details.

Not a TradeDoor member? Register for a TradeDoor account at

Please note: Credit card surcharge fees apply (MasterCard –1.02%, Visa-1.09% Incudes GST). TradeDoor does not record your credit card details, however if you opt to save your credit card details, these will be stored by the application provider DataComm. If you require further information, contact the TradeDoor Help Desk on 1800 676 168.


Top tips for tradies to keep fit and healthy

There’s no doubt about it, you work hard when you’re on the tools. Raising a sweat is just part of what you do. But if you think you do enough hard work on the job to keep fit, think again.

While the job requires brute force and it keeps you moving, you work the same areas of your body day-in day-out. That repetition can cause constant strain and lead to chronic problems and injuries. But you can’t afford any downtime. You rely on being able to get up and out and on the tools every day to make a living. You need to make sure your body is sharp and winter is the best time of year to get moving and set some new habits.


Go hard – Frequent cardio and resistance training strengthens muscles and builds aerobic capacity. Have a chat to an expert and learn how to work on specific muscle groups; this can help reduce the risk of injury to your back, shoulders and legs, and can help you to keep on keeping on for longer each day.

Stretch it out – Lifting a coffee to your mouth on the way to your first job isn’t enough of a warm up. Complete 5-10 minutes of stretching before you kick off your day – it will improve your flexibility, health and wellbeing.

Drop the squat – A good portion of your day is spent down at ground level. Sit instead of squatting or kneeling. It will put far less strain on your legs, back and knees.

Jam the junk – A pie or sausage roll might hit the spot, particularly as the temperature drops, but eating foods that are high in energy but low in sugar, fat and GI, such as oranges, oats, bananas and mixed grain, will keep you working better for longer.

Drink up – Even in the cooler months, it’s important to keep hydrated. Swap the sugary drinks for water; you can’t do better.


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