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Unplugged May 2018 Issue

Apr 27, 2018

From the Editor.

Welcome to the May issue of the Tradelink Unplugged e-newsletter. This issue is stacked full of great product news including the scoop on Plasson’s new Universal Slip Repair Coupler, Caroma’s Cleanflush rimless toilet technology and Rinnai’s Infinity Gas Continous Flow Hot Water Systems.

Plus! Tradelink has been busy opening new and renovated branches over the last month. Read all about our new and renovated stores below! And speaking of new, the times, they are a-changing! Read our handy article on how to keep up with what your customers want!

We’re always keen to know what you think, so email us at with any feedback or ideas for stories you’d like to see in Unplugged.

Until next time,



New Rinnai Infinity range

Rinnai revolutionised the Australian water heating market in the early 1990’s when it launched the first electronic controlled Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water System. Appropriately named, the RINNAI INFINITY delivered new user experience of steady and continuous temperature controlled hot water that never ran out.

Fast-forward 28 years, the RINNAI INFINITY has been re-invented. Rinnai has introduced significant improvements and changes to its flagship models; Infinity 16L, 20L, 26L and 26L Touch as well as adding a new 12L offering while at the same time maintaining performance and the high level of quality expected from the Rinnai name.


Features and benefits

  • Quicker commissioning and installation
  • Market leading quality
  • 1.5L/min minimum operating water flow rate
  • Improved resistance to corrosion (three times that of our builders range)
  • Modern design packaged in a slimline case construction
  • 50°C models available*
  • Enhanced electronic controlled safety monitoring and anti-frost protection
  • 6 Star energy rating
  • PuretempTM control
  • 25 Year heat exchanger warranty#
  • Compatible with low flow WELS rated shower heads
  • Built in status operation monitor.

*Adjustable up to 53°C. For 60°C plus installations a tempering valve in accordance with as 3500.4 is required

#Made from premium materials and built to last, Rinnai provides a standard 3 year (12 Year Heat exchanger) parts and labour warranty on all Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow Hot Water systems plus an optional 13 years extended heat exchanger warranty.


The next big thing in toilet technology

Caroma’s pioneering spirit and drive to meet consumers’ changing needs and expectations remains as strong today as it was when the company was established 75 years ago.1808_CGI_03_Bathroom_Renovated_Detail_01_ColourDraft_v2rdvis.com450.jpg

Their award-winning Dualflush toilet technology set the bar, then Smartflush raised it even higher. Today, Cleanflush® represents the next generation in toilet innovation.

Under the leadership of Caroma’s Research and Development Manager Dr Steve Cummings, the team dedicated two years to achieving the ultimate combination of flow, force and precision alignment. In doing so, they created Cleanflush®, the company’s most effective and hygienic toilet, with no rim and nowhere for the germs to hide. At the same time, they have set a new standard for rimless toilet suites for the Australian market.

Dr Steve Cummings says, “The unique rimless design and combination of effective flush and flow technology within the bowl area makes Cleanflush® a superior overall cleaning action and performance, when compared to other rimless toilets.”Caroma Cleanflush® has been awarded th prestigious 2016 Good Design Award for Best in Category, Product Design - Hardware and Building. Cleanflush® is available across Caroma’s most popular collections for residential, commercial, hospital and healthcare applications. Check it out at your nearest Tradelink branch.


Expertly engineered for easy pipe repair

Joining and repairing pipes has never been easier, thanks to the expert engineers at Plasson. They have developed a Universal Slip Repair Coupler suited for use on a wide range of cold water pipes, including pipes that are old and damaged.Universal_Slip_Repair_Coupler450.jpg

The Plasson team understands that plumbing has evolved tremendously in the past few decades. They know, when you are called to repair a leaky pipe, you don’t know the pipe material until it is dug up and exposed. Having a Plasson Universal Slip Repair Coupler on hand means you’re always prepared — the coupler is suited for use with a wide range of plastic and metal pipes, from 24mm to 64mm outside diameter.Every maintenance plumber will benefit from the Plasson Universal Slip Repair Coupler. It has zero insertion force, so repairs can be made in the ground with ease. There is no need to move the pipe during tightening.

It also has a unique dual-sealing mechanism that works even if the pipe is under pressure during the repair. The fitting’s large sealing O-ring provides a strong seal.

The Plasson Universal Slip Repair Coupler is fully thrusted and PN16 rated to give you peace-of-mind the repair will be secure, and Plasson quality ensures the repair will last as long as the pipe it is installed on.

Available now at every Tradelink branch, it’s only too easy to get your hands on a Plasson Universal Slip Repair Coupler! For more information visit or talk to your local Tradelink team.


Tradelink opens a stack of new branches and showrooms!

In the last month, Tradelink has opened two new branches, relocated another two to new and improved locations, and upgraded two branches as part of our bold network expansion and upgrade plans that have seen 20 new branches open a year and a stack more get upgraded over the last couple of years. Check out details below.


NEW: Yarrawonga (Victoria)
Located on the shores of Lake Mulwala in Northern Victoria, Yarrawonga is a growing resort destination with lots of new development in the area and we’ve opened a new branch in the area to support the needs of the trade community. Leading the store is Michael Blackshaw, who has over 23 years’ industry experience, the new branch features a good sized showroom and trade area, plenty of onsite parking and is conveniently located just off the Murray Valley Highway at 1 Commercial Road.


NEW: Seaford (South Australia)
Seaford on Adelaide’s southern fringe is one of the city’s fastest growing suburbs, with lots of new residential and infrastructure development. We’ve opened a brand new branch in Seaford to support the local trade community, which is conveniently located close to Seaford’s growing industrial estate and the Southern Expressway, making it easy for tradies to drop in on the way to or from site. Leading the branch is Nathan Quarrell who has over 10 years’ experience with Tradelink.


RELOCATED: Beenleigh (Queensland)
We recently relocated our Beenleigh branch to a brand new site which is just down the road from the old branch at 2-4 Frank Heck Close. Conveniently located close to the Pacific Motorway, the new branch is easy to find and access. Leading the store is David Murray who has been with the business for over 26 years, including 10 years leading the Beenleigh team. The branch features plenty of onsite parking and a spacious warehouse stocking a wide range of quality plumbing gear.


RELOCATED: Port Melbourne (Victoria)
We recently relocated our South Melbourne branch in Melbourne’s inner suburbs to a newly renovated site in Port Melbourne. The branch is headed up by Mark Miller who has been with Tradelink for over 13 years, including six years as South Melbourne’s Branch Manager. Along with the branch team, Port Melbourne is also home to a team of commercial project experts who are well situated to assist with the growing number of commercial building projects in the central Melbourne area. The branch features a builders selection showroom and is conveniently located a couple of blocks away from the old South Melbourne branch at 7/300 Bridge Street.


RENOVATED: Wangara (Western Australia)
The Wangara store in Perth’s western suburbs recently had a big renovation, which saw the installation of a new builders’ selection style showroom, more convenient branch entry and improved warehouse with even more space to stock a wide range of quality plumbing supplies. The builders’ selection showroom features a key range of bathroom, kitchen and laundry products from leading brands to make it easy for you and your customers to select the right product for the job.


RENOVATED: Rosebud (Victoria)
We recently gave our Rosebud branch, located on the Mornington Peninsula, a big showroom upgrade with a new layout, an even wider range of bathroom, kitchen and laundry products. The Rosebud store now stocks the Rinnai heating range (which includes gas log fires, energy saving space heaters, split system air conditioning units and more) with a fully functioning display in the showroom for demonstration.

If you’re nearby, make sure you go check out the new and renovated branches! Keep an eye out for more updates – our next new branch could be opening near you!


5 tips for keeping pace with what customers want

As American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan told us all in the 60’s: “the times, they are a-changing”. And if you don’t keep up with what your customers want, you’ll sink like a stone! Check out our 5 tips to make sure you’re meeting your customers’ expectations.

1. Prove it

Once upon a time you’d get a job just because you said you could do it. These days, customers want to make sure you’re qualified. They’ll ask to see your licenses and, if the job’s a biggie, they’ll want to talk to people you’ve already done something similar for. So it pays to make sure your business is equipped for this level of scrutiny.

2. Get tech


If you didn’t know better, you’d think every youngster was born with a tech-device in their hand. But tech is becoming more and more important in today’s fast paced world. How tech-savvy is your business? You need to be when it comes to attracting customers and employees and it can also help put an end to those weekends in the office writing quotes and accounts.

3. Cash economy

When it comes to paying for trade services, many customers still like to hand over cash. However, this has put tradies in the sights of the Australian Taxation Office. Are you effectively tracking all payments, regardless of how they are received? There are electronic tracking and invoice systems to help you do it. Get onto it sooner rather than later, and you’ll save yourself a truckload of pain.

4. Safety first

Safety has always come first in our trade, and while that’s not about to change, the ways of keeping safe are. For example, drones are now being used for site inspections. This not only makes the process quicker and easier, it takes away some of the safety risk. So use your noggin’ and think about how you might do safety differently on your jobsite.

5. Going solo

More tradies are looking to work on their terms and, as a result, online communities and platforms are connecting tradies employers and jobs. Are you making the most of this resource? It’s great for urgent work or work that needs to be done outside normal business hours.


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