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The reno bandwagon: how to get onboard

Feb 09, 2016

Don’t miss the reno bandwagon – jump onboard and get a slice of the action.

If you’re interested in watching reno shows, you’ve probably noticed that there are plenty to choose from on the telly at the moment. The trouble is, there’s not much else!

Anyway, the good news is, this means that people are interested in renovating and improving their property and that means they are interested in you, their humble plumber.

There are loads of reasons why people want a better house. It might be so they can show off to their mates or add value to a future sale, and some just want to feel like the king of their domain. If you look back 30-odd years or so, you would find that people were more likely to just make do with the house they had. But, for the average Joe, this is no longer the case – the sky is now the limit.

So, how do you get a slice of the action? It’s simple: get yourself out there, do a great job and don’t be afraid of becoming mates with your customers. Word-of-mouth has always been the best form of advertising.

When it comes to people buying property, they can often see past the bad paint job and the dodgy cabinets but they want good solid bones. They want a good roof, foundations, and top-notch electrical and plumbing services. If the house doesn’t have them, you want to be the one they call to get it up to scratch. On the flip side, if the house does have great plumbing, you want to be the one that did it. It’s a good time for your name to go up in lights, so to speak.

We also need to go the extra mile when working with customers and, instead of just installing new pipes, bathware or kitchenware, have a chinwag with them and make some suggestions. They want to know where you think the services should be, what type of taps or toilets they should install, and so on. After all, you are the one ‘in the know’ when it comes to these things and the customer will respect you for speaking up.

Don’t miss out, jump on the reno bandwagon, there’s enough work for all of us.

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